THEY EXIST: Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos



If there’s ever a bizarre way to eat bacon, the Internet’s right on top of it. If foods such as Fried Twinkies and Fried Pickles and other Fried Anythings you find at random carnivals can exist, then surely the world has room for these Fried Bacon Wrapped Oreos.

Because bacon.

To be honest, bacon and chocolate have long enjoyed a healthy, committed relationship (remember when that Vosges Bacon Chocolate blew my mind!?). So to me, this pairing makes sense and I would eat the shit out of it. Thanks to Oh, Bite It! – we can all make our very own!

You need:

Wrap one Oreo with one slice of bacon, making sure to cover as much area as possible as you wrap the cookie.  Secure the bacon by gently inserting a toothpick through the end of the bacon into the white part of the cookie. Fry them up until they’re golden on all sides. INHALE THEM while warm.

I don’t know why anyone hadn’t thought of this earlier, and I will definitely be giving these a try. If you beat me to it – let me know!

For more food porn concerning the marriage between Oreos and bacon, click here. Thanks to everyone who sent this my way – especially Gail at The Worley Gig, Curtis, and RM! Keep the bacon coming!