Chewed and Reviewed: Turkey Perky Jerky!

Perky JerkyThere’s only one thing I love more in life than a good hot sauce and that’s a chewy, flavorful bag of scrumptious beef jerky. (Well, that’s not true. I don’t love anything more than I love hot sauce. Well, maybe bacon…sorry, the wife!) Fine. So hot sauce and bacon are like way, way high on my list of loves, but jerky – it’s still in the running to become America’s Next Top Model, OK?

Today, I sampled Perky Jerky, a brand of jerky that has all sorts of goodness attached: no preservatives, no nitrites, it’s minimally processed, has no artificial ingredients. It’s an epic win for mankind considering all the baddatives (I made up a word) attached to other brands of meat candy. The package also says that a portion of the company’s earnings are devoted to muscular dystrophy and down syndrome research, so hey, props to Performance Enhancing Meat Snacks (that’s the company).

The best part of Perky Jerky is that it’s not just a clever name. The jerky is infused with guarana, a plant that has seeds packing twice the punch of caffeine as coffee seeds. If there’s a fourth or fifth thing (I lost count) that I love as much as hot sauce, it’s COFFEE.

It’s not all gimmick though. This particular jerky (the original turkey flavor) was super moist and delicious, made with soy sauce, brown sugar, lemon juice, garlic powder, black pepper and some other stuff, giving it a stellar, yet not overwhelming burst of flavor with every bite. It’s perfect for those who want a leaner, white meat jerky and also for supertasters with a sensitive palate.

According to the website – there are other flavors to dive into, like Hot & Bothered, Teriyaki, or Sweet and Spicy (all available in beef or turkey). My local Target only had the one flavor, so that’s as far as my extensive researching skills could take me.

Find out where you can buy Perky Jerky by visiting their website. And then eat it. As fast as humanly possible.

I hope to never buy Jack’s Links ever again.