Buy This Bacon Board Game

It’s Amazon Prime Day and while many respectable adult humans are probably buying electronics or subscription services that can facilitate their home lives, I’m sitting here eyeing this very relevant (to me), very real bacon board game: Bacon-Opoly!

bacon game

Disclaimer 1: Monopoly will forever be one of my favorite board games. There’s no greater feeling than crushing your friends with your vast amount of wealth because you have hotels locked down on Boardwalk and Park Place, and maybe even the greens—because dude, you GOTTA buy the greens! (Show mercy when your peasant pals owe ya $2,000 and take everything they own except for $1. You’re such a philanthropist!)

Disclaimer 2: BACON! It has been so very long since my last bacon post, gentle readers. I hope this post can rectify the wrongs I have done.


Bacon-Opoly is a Monopoly ripoff board game that follows the rules of a certain Parker Brothers game, only here, players buy their favorite bacon delicacies (houses) with pounds of pork (money) to later trade them in for smokehouses (hotels), upping the rent for all the other famished players. Avoid getting burnt (thrown in jail) and…wow, this is a really sweaty premise. You can’t argue with novelty though…especially when it looks this delicious.

Bacon-Opoly is available on Amazon Prime, so buy yourself something fun this Prime Day. I know I’m going to.