‘Fuller House’: Kimmy Gibbler’s Bacon and Eggs Scarf is ALL THE RAGE


We’re about halfway through Fuller House and as much as I hate myself for it, I don’t regret a goddamn thing, motherfuckers. As much as I want them to CUT-IT-OUT with all the throwback jokes and old catchphrases, there’s a microscopic part of my 6-year-old self inside who is eating it up while my eyes simultaneously roll out of my head. But hey! There’s semen jokes and a whole lot of Stephanie-Tanner-titties, so it’s not all bad here, folks. And nostalgia is IN now. TGIF used to be my everything, so it’s pretty hard to resist its 90’s charm and cheesy laugh track, not to mention Stamos’ sexy mane.

If you’re one of the brave souls chugging’ along in the latest nostalgic revival, then surely you’ve seen Kimmy Gibbler’s crazy rad BACON AND EGGS SCARF. I want one. Even if it will throw my pseudo-manliness into question. (I believe it debuted in episode 2, but correct me if I’m wrong). If you were wondering where the hell it came from, the answer is here: TwinkieChan’s Etsy store. (She’s got a blog, too, which can be found here.)

But look how dope it is! Have mercy! (Yep. Hate myself.)

Her store says it’s sold out, but maybe she’ll start making more now that this slab of bacon and his egg-buddies are now mad famous. (Or maybe she’ll just sell one to a fellow bacon-loving blogger? Dreamers can dream, kids.)

Gibbler is exceptionally Gibblerific in Fuller House and the scarf matches her absurdity perfectly. Major yaaaaas.

Are you watching Fuller House? What do you think?

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