Eat This Hot Slut (It’s the Golden Girls Hot Sauce, Ya Perv)

Golden Girls

If you love hot sauce and TV equally, well, then you and I should be pals.

Thanks to the online shop Always Fits, you can get your hands on four different Golden Girls themed hot sauces, including the spicy Blanche-inspired Hot Slut. The four different sauces are:

Bea Spicy – A jalapeno-based sauce for Bea Arthur’s Dorothy Zbornak.

Desert Rose – Jalapeno, named after everyone’s favorite St. Olaf resident, Rose Nylund.

Sicilian Fire – A habanero sauce named for the matriarch of the foursome, Sophia Petrillo.

Hot Slut – A not-so-feminist sauce for Rue McClanahan’s Blanche Devereaux.

According to the company, the Sicilian Fire and Hot Slut are made with habaneros, carrot puree, garlic and spices, which sounds like something I needed yesterday. The other two have a milder kick, so beginners might want to cool down on the Lanai with Bea or Rose.

Each bottle is five ounces and retails for $10, but you can pick up the entire set for $32. If anyone feels the need to thank me for being a friend, just visit this link.