New Hampshire’s Bacon Scented Lottery Ticket

baconlotteryLooks like I’m moving to New Hampshire.

The Internet is buzzing with news of the first-ever scratch and sniff I Heart Bacon lottery ticket that the Granite State released this month (Granite, wtf!?). Hungry, obsessive-compulsive gamblers could win up to a cool $1,000 dollar prize.

Talk about bringing home the bacon (I hate myself)!

In one of the most genius and insightful PR statements of all time, Lottery Commission Executive Director Charlie McIntyre said players “will think it’s time for Saturday morning breakfast.” WILL THEY, CHARLIE!? WILL THEY REALLY!?

To promote the ticket, the New Hampshire Lottery will be driving a “bacon truck,” handing out free applewood smoked bacon samples and tickets at stores in Keene and Durham, the state welcome centers in Hooksett, and the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester.

Free shit is even cooler when it revolves around bacon.

Thanks to Rosemarie and Kevin for the tip!

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