Where Dat B*tch GO!?! – ‘ANTM’s’ Angelea Preston

America’s Next Top Model is probably one of my favorite guilty pleasures. In fact, I’m probably one of very few straight guys that actually watches it (in my defense, I’ve only seen a handful of seasons). It’s not because I care about fashion or looks or hair or makeup so much, but it’s because the entire show is just batshit insane and extremely comical.

On last’s night All-Stars finale, three ladies walked in the final runway, which included swimming (?), flying (?), and walking the walk to their own pop songs (?). Uh…exactly. I don’t get it either.

Lisa D’Amato (Cycle 5, pictured here), Allison Harvard (Cycle 12) and Angelea Preston (Cycle-Who-Cares) all vied for the All-Star glory and a chance to win a bunch of shit that I don’t really care about. But at the final panel, TyTy (excuse me, Tyra Banks), Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker, Jay Manuel, and that other fat guy who is rather mean all said that something went awry and Angelea was DQ’d.

“It turns out, our production team and the network learned information from Angelea that disqualifies her from the competition,” said Barker. “It means we’re now going to do our final judging with the remaining two girls, and in the interest of fairness, the producers and the network thought it best to evaluate Allison and Lisa on their own, without the added competition of Angelea.”

So only Allison and Lisa stood before the judges, with the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Model. The final panel was supposed to go down in Greece and since they were all now in LA, this meant a re-shoot was going down. WTF, yo? 1) If she was actually DQ’d and lost, why would a re-shoot be necessary? 2) There’s just no chance in hell that Angelea won, and her DQ forced producers to do a re-shoot. 3) How many times can I write the word “re-shoot” in this blog? and 4) WHERE DAT B*TCH GO!?!

Rumor has it Angelea leaked some info on her Facebook page about who the final three were. Producers are mum. Angelea’s Twitter is quiet. The scene that unfolded looked pretty staged. The Internet is spinning with rumors. I could investigate further, but who cares dammit. Nothing’s official until Queen Tyty Doth Spoken anyways. Too bad, so sad. And Angelea sucked; Lisa OWNED.


Although Lisa is smokin’ hot, has a great personality, is the entire package, yada yada yada…it’s a shame Allison is a runner up for the second time. Cuz damn, man. She’s a hottie.

This is hopefully my first and last post about ANTM. I apologize in advance for any awkwardness or discomfort this post might have caused.