Concerned about Your Family’s Health? Welcome to Nick Offerman’s Pizza Farm!

pizza farm

Nick Offerman is concerned about the youth of America. With the government telling us we should provide healthy alternatives for children in our school systems, “Farmer Daniel” seems to have the answer: welcome to the pizza farm!

On the farm, there are “acres of pizza, kissed by the sun, stretching as far as the eye can see.” Sounds pretty excellent, if you ask me! Because let’s be serious…if it’s found in a tree or on a vine, that’s health, baby! Ahhh, “fresh pepperoni, straight from Mother Earth.”

The pizza (and taquitos!) are grown from the nutrients in the cola used to water them, which Daniel exclaims is just “like mother’s milk.” And don’t forget the “salad!”

#KeepSchoolFoodHealthy #YouretheCure

Pizza Farm with Nick Offerman

Comedy website and film/TV production company Funny or Die has produced a satirical video in partnership with the American Heart Association in answer to the ongoing debate in Congress on healthy school meals. The satirical video features “Parks and Recreation” star Nick Offerman, who offers a tour of his “Pizza Farm,” where “healthy” snacks like taquitos and fish fingers are “grown”.



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  1. I don’t understand him. I feel like he’s not an actor, and Parks and Rec found him and said he’d make the perfect Ron Swanson. And he played himself, just with a different name.

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