Missing ‘Mad Men’? Check Out This Peggy Olson and Drake Mashup



The question isn’t “Will I rewatch Mad Men?” The question is: “When will I rewatch it?” Having said that, this new mashup from Alex Pompliano certainly helps the withdrawals.

Peggy Olson’s seven-season ascension from Don Draper’s “girl” to a badass, confident copywriter is one of the best series character arcs in…forever? Elisabeth Moss beautifully encapsulated the struggles that many women had in the 60’s and 70’s, as they attempted to climb the corporate ladder in a full-out boys’ club-driven society.

By series’ end though, Olson got her swag on.

See Peggy’s series transition matched perfectly with Drake’s “Started from the Bottom” and relive some of Peggy’s glory moments.

Get it, Peg.