The ‘Ash vs. Evil Dead’ Trailer is Here, Nothing Else Matters

evil dead


Do you have the Starz network? You probably don’t have the slightest clue. And why would you, seeing as Party Down was cancelled? But it’s about time again to figure out what damn channel it is because ASH VS. EVIL DEAD is coming soon!

It seems like a reboot of The Evil Dead has been forever talked about. Even as speculation began about what eventually became the remake, rampant rumors sprouted up along with a tall-order of questions about whether or not Bruce Campbell would return to battle deadites as Ashley J. “Ash” Williams. And before that, there was a whole hullabaloo about a possible Army of Darkness sequel. In short: People love Bruce Campbell and Evil Dead, and now, the people can finally rejoice! It’s a great time to be a Cult Horror fan.

Ash vs. Evil Dead doesn’t hit Starz until Halloween night this year, but the recently released trailer gives us what we’ve all been waiting for: gore, chainsaws, the undead, major camp, Campbell, some humor, some terror, and a boomstick that launches up from the floor of his camper (!!!). It has it ALL. (If there is any doubt as to why this is happening, I think the 2,083,816 views in five days speaks loudly enough.)

In the trailer, Ash retells the story of the Necronomicon (aka, the Book of the Dead) and how he and his friends awoke the dead explaining, “I was the only one to escape, but now, the evil has found me.”

And and and…

Lucy Lawless is in it – bonus!

Watch the trailer now. Then, watch it again.

There is zero chance this will suck.

The series premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead airs October 31 at 9pm on…Starz.