Guest Blog Alert: Jess Reviews ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’

[Every so often, TLW has guests write in about whatever the snapbracelets they want to write about. This time, Jess wrote in to recommend the Canadian TV show Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Check it out!]

todd-and-the-book-of-pure-evil-the-complete-first-season-dvd-cover-99By Jess Toman

As a lover of horror, I often search Netflix streaming for decent undiscovered fare. The Canadian TV show Todd and the Book of Pure Evil happened to be a rare find. With the tagline: “Fighting Evil with Mixed Results,” I couldn’t resist.

Todd is a metal head and a stoner. He searches for a satanic book that is wreaking havoc throughout his high school. He gets help from his best friend Curtis, who has a prosthetic hand, the hottest girl in school, Jenny, and geeky Hannah who crushes on Todd. He also receives help from Jimmy the janitor, played by Jason Mewes (of Jay and Silent Bob fame), and a group of three older, metal head stoners who sit on their car waiting to help Todd in his quest. The evil guidance counselor Atticus and his cloaked minions try to stop Todd and get the book first.

The school experiences trouble such as a giant baby crushing students, to a medusa penis turning students to stone. Whoever finds the book seems to have their wishes come true, but instead, it usually leads to their demise and the demise of others. (It appears that teachers and parents have no concern whatsoever for all the deaths at the high school either.)

This horror-comedy, full of ridiculous blood and guts, won’t scare you to death, but you are going to laugh out loud. It’s a fun find and I recommend checking it out.

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