Flight of the Conchords Returning to HBO, Mutha’uckas!

flight of the conBret? Present. Jemaine? Present. HBO? Present.

In a recent interview with The Guardian, Jemaine Clement confirmed that the comedy duo will be returning to HBO for a four-episode series…but it won’t be exactly what you think. Flight of the Conchords are returning, but not as Flight of the Conchords (which, when you say it like that, is kind of confusing).

So the project will be entirely new, but Clement holds out hope for a proper Flight of the Conchords musical, along with his other half, Bret McKenzie, and Director James Bobin.

“We talk about a movie every so often,” said Clement. “Sometimes it feels like we lost a lot of impetus over the last couple of years. But Bret, James and me, we all want to do a musical. It would be good to do something all together … I miss playing Flight of the Conchords gigs.”

Movie, musical…it’s safe to say that Flight fans everywhere will be ready to see them shaking that Boom Boom once again. Whenever it happens.

*Update*: Clement has clarified that he is working on a new project with HBO and not with McKenzie/FotC. (I’ll still take it.)

Here are some fun funnies:

flight gif 1 flight gif 2 flight gif 3



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