Big Brother’s Aaryn Confronted with her Racism, Continues Being an Asshole

big brother cast members cbs website grab 660No doubt about it, Big Brother is my favorite summer guilty pleasure. You put 14-16 people in a house, you cut them off from the outside world, and you watch the fireworks explode three times a week on your TV and 24/7 on your computer, like watching a bunch of fighting fish tear each other apart in a fishbowl. This season, however, has gone far beyond the usual shifting alliances and catfighting, as racist remarks have run rampant throughout the house, mostly coming from the mouths of Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer.

I’m not going to recap what was actually said – you can Google “Big Brother racism” and hundreds of pages will come up (or you can watch this video). It’s made national headlines and for good reason – these people know they’re being recorded and watched around the clock and they’re still making vile comments towards Asians, gays and black people…even with two black contestants and a Korean houseguest inside with them!

As if all of this wasn’t infuriating enough, last night’s episode brought it one step further. After showing a clip of Aaryn talking about segregated white and black fish, the other houseguests talked outside about her racist remarks. Amanda went upstairs to the HoH room to clue Aaryn in a bit and let her know that her “jokes” (as Aaryn calls them) are coming off as offensive to the other houseguests. To sum it up: Aaryn didn’t give a fuck.tumblr_mpnrtvZ1aL1snvbxjo1_500

“I appreciate you telling me that, but I really just think that is the most immature thing ever. They call me Barbie and all sorts of shit about me being blonde, so…what’s the difference? I wish that I cared more about this, but I don’t,” said Satan Aaryn.

Lets repeat that: Aaryn compared racism to blonde jokes. Got it? Moving on…

The Internet is all in a tizzy, with some demanding that CBS remove the offensive houseguests from the game immediately. But why should they? Not only is the controversy fantastic for ratings, but isn’t the BB house just a representation of life outside it? Does it even need to be said that racism still exists in our society? We live in a country where gays don’t even have equal rights in every state yet. Sorry you’re looking into a mirror and not liking what you’re seeing, America, but CBS is 100% validated in keeping these players in the game and letting it run its course. This is probably the biggest dose of “reality” a Reality show has served up in quite a while.

But don’t worry, enraged Big Brother fans! Justice will be served. Aaryn and GinaMarie have already lost their jobs because of their comments inside the house, and it’s looking like Spencer might be next on that chopping block. And just imagine how amazing Julie Chen’s eviction interview will be with Aaryn – the houseguest who has made numerous blows day after day about the Asian community. Needless to say, her life outside the house will be forever changed. Ruined, even.

Like many others, I’m all fired up about this. There has been shouting at my poor, defenseless TV. There have been many late night scourings on YouTube, BigBrotherLeak, and Joker’s Updates. Like many others, I’m completely caught up in this tornado of douchebaggery.

But I won’t ever stop watching…I can’t stop watching! Disgustingly so, this is a reflection of our society…and when these people are evicted from the house, watching the aftermath will be just as captivating as the show itself.

5 thoughts on “Big Brother’s Aaryn Confronted with her Racism, Continues Being an Asshole

  1. Good post. I agree, Aaryn’s life is shot when she gets out of this house. The question is what is CBS’ responsibility while she is still in it? I posed that question in my post

    CBS and Julie Chen Begin to Reveal Aaryn’s True Colors — Is It Enough?

    I also made my own feelings about Aaryn known here:

    The Devil is Blonde: Big Brother’s Aaryn is Pure Evil

    Keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I don’t watch the show and now I’m glad I don’t. First off, yes we all know that racism is alive and well, that doesn’t mean we should promote it and let this dribble continue. Those girls obviously think they are soo gorgeous they can say or do anything. They are cruel, disrespectful, vapid, and empty.

    I can’t believe you want to keep them on. The other contestants shouldn’t have to put up with the insulting remarks coming out of their mouths. The fact that nothing is done about it or that people think nothing of their remarks shows how accepting our society is. People who have never been discriminated against do not know what it is like and sorry but I don’t think blonde jokes quite qualify in the severity of discrimination that a whole group of people have faced.
    They didn’t say anything against me so why should I care? What was that remark? They came for the others but not for me so I didn’t protest. When they finally came for me there was no one left to protest. The Ayrian Brotherhood and other Natzis must thrive on their .

  3. Hey Jack – I hear everything you’re saying. I just feel that Aaryn will get her due once she returns back to normal society. She has a world of hurt ahead of her…so there will definitely be consequences.

    CBS has started airing disclaimers for the show now…and although it’s horrible that Howard and Candice have to put up with Aaryn, GinaMarie and Spencer, it’s still a sad reflection of our society. I don’t really see how ejecting them from a Reality show will really solve anything either. Again – they will all meet their fates upon eviction, and it’ll be great to see their reactions.

  4. Hmm… If you rearrange the letters in “Aaryn”, you can spell “aryan.” Interesting…

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