Big Brother 15: Well, At Least It’s Over

bbThis season on Big Brother, we’ve seen racism, hatred, bullying, vile language and despicable human beings. We’ve read about contestants losing their jobs, leading family members to come out and speak in the defense of these caged hamsters. In the most extreme cases, rumor has it that some families even hired PR firms to do damage control around message boards and the Web. There were minimal heroes in this house full of villains and in the words of one of my BB-loving Facebook friends: at least it’s over.

Has there ever been a more disappointing final in the history of any reality show? (The only other one that comes to mind is the Lill/Sandra Final 2 in Survivor: Pearl Islands.) But seriously, let’s recap:

GinaMarie: Despite being entertaining, mouthy (in a good way) and rambunctious by season’s end, it’s still hard to forgive her for earlier crimes against humanity (she called welfare “n-word insurance” and lost her job over it). She was always around the villain crowd, nodding and agreeing and being awful by association, and even if she was just a follower to that nonsense, it was still hard to root for her throughout the entire game. I give her props for winning as many competitions as she did though.

Spencer: This dude has said a lot of hateful comments toward the gay community and even made child pornography jokes. Dear Spencer: You’re on national television. You must not be that smart if you think the cops aren’t going to show up at your house and look under your mattress for your dirty magazines (because that’s exactly what they did). He was always on the block and he broke a record for that. Way to make an impact on the game, buddy.

Andy: I really loathe Andy. He’s whiny and annoying and sounds like Laura Prepon if you close your eyes and listen to his squirrely voice. Oh, and he’s A TOTAL FLOATER. This guy flip-flopped in that house more than a fish out of water. The few moves he did make were enough to win him the game, though. He aligned with Amanda and McCrae early on. He befriended everyone else in the house, including Helen, Spencer, and GM. And he did help form the Exterminators (though in my opinion, the Exterminators took waaaay too much credit for their accomplishments.)

In short: this season was doomed from its ugly beginnings. Andy won Big Brother 15. Let that settle in. It’s really quite unfortunate.

My guess? Because of all the shenanigans that led CBS to air a disclaimer before the show, I’m thinking we’re in for a major “Returning Houseguests” season next year. Either that, or the Big Brother 16 cast will be comprised entirely of Texans. It’s a toss-up.

I’m really curious to see how these people fare outside the BB house as they re-enter their former lives. To reiterate: jobs have been lost because of conduct on a Reality TV show. That’s pretty cuckoo nutso! Aaryn, Amanda, GinaMarie and Spencer are in for a bumpy ride, and they deserve all of the grief and misery that comes their way.

Now that would make a good TV show.

5 thoughts on “Big Brother 15: Well, At Least It’s Over

  1. Why didn’t you mention the company you kept while watching Andy win? That was by far the highlight of the season for us

  2. I completely agree with and love every feeling you have on all three, last remaining floaters, Nick! I’ve been keeping up on Twitter for the first time, just to enjoy the after~math of their heinous repurcussions!

    • No, we don’t & I don’t think I know anyone peronally, ha! I first jumped on bcuz of crazy, Amanda Bynes, but then really got into it when Big Brother started! I got the live feeds on Directv free this year, so I got addicted! I’m a little intimidated on Twitter, so i mostly just read! Find me on there or send something! See? I don’t even know how to do it, ha! I’m just” darla shirley or indy4blu. I started one on my phone & the other on my iPad, b’cuz I couldn’ sign into one or th other! I’m a complete doof on the Twit! Id’ love to follow you, though, so you look important, heehee!

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