Best Thing Ever: A Mini Sriracha Bottle for Your Keychain

sriracha-miniYou should probably call your mom and tell her about this. Maybe even alert the president. Because this exists.

Check out these tiny, mini, adorable bottles that allow you to carry sriracha sauce everywhere you go. That’s right, kids. With Sriracha2Go, you can pack heat with you wherever you go, and even carry it on your keychain!

I’m sure I’m not the only cuckoo nutso who has a hot sauce arsenal both at home and at work (these currently include the Red Rooster, 2-3 variants of Frank’s, Cholula, and The Eliminator by Wild Coyote, FYI). But what about those times when you’re on the road, craving some extra flavor in your bland, stupid meal. Well, your meals will never be stupid again.

The meager 1.25-ounce bottle can fit in your pocket and — wait for it — is small enough for you to take onto a plane! Praise, Jesus and Allah and Buddah! And no worries, you guys. The bottle is entirely refillable, with each one only costing $7, including shipping, over at You might need to have some patience though – Sriracha2Go bottles are backordered and may take up to 45 days for delivery. Funky buttloving!

Would you carry around a mini bottle of Sriracha on your key ring?

I know. Stupid question.

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