5 Important Updates to Netflix’s Riveting Docu-Series ‘The Keepers’

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If you haven’t watched The Keepers on Netflix yet…you should. (And you should stop reading this until you do!) If you have watched, you likely spent the following days and weeks scrounging up additional info on the Sister Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki murder cases, as well as the sexual abuse cases that came out of Keogh High School in the 60’s. Thanks to the determination and dedication of two retired former Keogh students, Gemma Hoskins and Abbie Schaub, in addition to the strength of abuse survivor Jean Wehner (aka, Jane Doe), the story of Father Joseph Maskell—a disgusting, vile sex predator and now-deceased priest—has been broadcasted to the masses. While Maskell’s heinous sex crimes were outed in the 7-episode series, we still don’t know who murdered Cesnik and Malecki.

Now, Hoskins and Schaub have sparked the curiosity of millions and have the show’s justice-hungry viewers on their side scouring for the truth. While the killer (or killers) remains at large, that doesn’t mean the women have given up. Here are the five most important updates that occurred since filming on The Keepers wrapped.

1. Maskell’s body was exhumed and tested against DNA found at the original crime scene.


The cigarette butt found at the scene of the crime was a huge piece of the puzzle that was never explored fully. With DNA testing being so much more advanced now than in 1970 (obviously), Maskell’s body was exhumed and authorities have proven that the DNA sample found on the cigarette did not match Maskell’s. While this doesn’t entirely rule out Maskell’s involvement, it’s at least a stone that was in fact turned over. Whether or not the DNA sample will be tested against the other suspects remains unknown.

2. The state of Maryland’s Statute of Limitations has finally been extended.

In the final episode of the series, we saw sex abuse survivors (of Maskell’s crimes and otherwise) in court trying to pass a bill to extend the statute of limitations past the age of 25. The bill has finally passed and as of July 1 of this year, victims in Maryland will have until the age of 38 to sue their abusers. This is a huge step in the right direction. As the series outlines, it can take years, decades even, for those with repressed memories to even understand the traumas they’ve suffered and even longer to build up the courage to come forward. Hopefully this will empower more survivors going forward.

3. There’s a new Facebook group moderated by Gemma Hoskins…and people are aching for a conclusion.

The former Justice For Sister Catherine Cesnik and Joyce Malecki Facebook page was closed down a few days after The Keepers aired, mostly due to traffic jams and a technical glitch, according to Hoskins. But that didn’t stop the fervid followers of the show and case. The new group entitled The Keepers Official Group – Justice For Justice For Sister Catherine Cesnik and Joyce Malecki has almost 107,000 members, many of whom have joined the cause by sharing their theories and posting new findings to the group. If you can’t get The Keepers out of your head, this group is for you.

4. The FBI is now working with local police.

Tips and phone calls have been flooding in since the show’s debut, and all of this new info is now being referred to the FBI. Malecki’s body was found near Fort George G. Meade, which makes it a federal case, hence, the FBI’s involvement. In addition, the Baltimore Police Department has created an online form to help survivors report any sex offenses related to Maskell or otherwise. However, those with info specifically relevant to the Malecki case should contact FBI Public Affairs Specialist Dave Fitz (email: [email protected], phone: (410) 277-6689).

5. The Archdiocese has broken its silence about The Keepers and posted a (mostly bullshit) FAQ about the series.

The Archdiocese of Baltimore did not come out of this one looking good. While Maskell is obviously “the villain” and main offender, it’s clear that he had help covering his tracks, and that help went very high up in the ranks. On the FAQ page, the Archdiocese claims that it “immediately reports all allegations to civil authorities,” (uh-huh) and that it never knew about the sexual abuse allegations prior to 1992 (riiiiiight). So much for trusting religious institutions.

Now that this case has been publicized widely, an online petition has been started calling for the Archdiocese of Baltimore to release any and all files they have on Father Maskell. The petition currently has over 48,000 supporters. Furthermore, new survivors continue to come forward, entering legal litigation with the Baltimore Archdiocese and filling reports with the Baltimore P.D. While there are currently no plans for a documented follow up to this gripping docu-series, I suspect that new information will continue flooding in and that Hoskins and Schaub are going to keep getting closer to actualizing that justice for Sister Cathy Cesnik and Joyce Malecki.

10 thoughts on “5 Important Updates to Netflix’s Riveting Docu-Series ‘The Keepers’

  1. My husband and myself have watched this over here in England, and cannot believe what we watched, we are so sorry for everything you all have been though no words can ever help with this suituation. Anger does not even begin to describe how we feel about the lies the betrayal and the blatant condescending manner too which the archdiocese, the police departments and legal system have conducted themselves over this. I could go on and on I’m so angry. Thank you for bringing this to light and we will continue to follow and hopeful help towards a conclusion on these matters.

    • Discusting. Thank you for sharing. I am a practicing Catholic, but am starting to think I should look to another institution to practice my faith. It would be so simple for the Catholic church to condemn these men, but they don’t. I don’t understand? They need to be in jail.

  2. As a legal professional, Christian and a human being with morals, i am so disgusted. Thank you for stepping forward and continuing under such trying circumstances. My prayers, voice and thoughts are with you.

  3. I watched The Keepers. I wonder about the letter that it was sent to Sister Cathy’sSister. Hope that who ever was involved in this case. Have peace on their soul. Parents in those years thought that priests were God. Forgetting that priests were and are human beings with physical needs.

    • I too wonder about the letter. It was addressed to Marylin and surely it is her right to know what it contained. It is the last communication from her sister for goodness sake! So many human rights and lives have been trampled. I am absolutely sickened by this town infected with bad apples, the archdiocese deserve to crumble into dust.

  4. I have just watched “The Keepers.” At times I became very bad, bitter, and anger. So some how the letter is missing. O.K. I bet it was misplaced,burn, or just miss laid? The church somehow pays of with money. Remember Judas ….30 pieces if silver ?……………..BLOOD MONEY………….If pope Frances had been around been around Joe Maskell would have kick his ass out of the priesthood………

  5. I grew up in Lansdowne, Md. After watching The Keepers and growing up Catholic it hits close to home. I lived about a mile from where they found Sister Cathy’s body. I went to St. Clements church with my grand parents. I knew girls that went to Keough. Such a sad story, I hope they find the truth. I think Maskell had Billy who lived in the same apartment building do his dirty deeds.

  6. This story is tragic. Shame on those in the church determined to sweep this under the carpet! I’m interested to know if “Brother Bob”, Maskell’s “guest” abuser of Jean at school could the same person as “uncle Bobby Schmidt” who supposedly helped Billy Schmidt move Sister Cathy’s body from her apartment? At the time of the documentary Jean couldn’t remember his face from the school abuse, but perhaps she’d remember his voice? If Bobby Schmidt is still alive, it would be interesting to look at the possibility of both Bobs being the same man. Good luck to all those involved in finding the murderer.

  7. Is Brother Bob Flaherty, “Brother Bob” ? Convicted of sex abuse of minor in Baltimore, Md. He was fired from his teaching job.

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