420 Realness: The Time Zack Morris Narc’d on a Friendly Movie Star for Smoking Weed

The Funny or Die series Zack Morris Is Trash puts an insightful spin on one of the 90s’ most beloved Saturday morning shows: Saved By the Bell. Back in the day, boys wants to be Zack and girls wanted to date him. He was the epitome of cool, a master of charm. He was a devious prankster who didn’t mean to suck all the time, but whose shenanigans would always fuck everything up for everyone around him. In reality: Zack Morris was trash.

For those celebrating the holiday today, let’s all reflect on the time when Zack narc’d on a friendly movie star for smoking weed. Johnny Dakota seemed like the coolest guy. He’s a big time movie star from Hollywood who just wanted to kick back and party with some high school kids. Look at what a dreamboat this guy was!


Sure, he was kind of a hypocrite for doing an anti-drug PSA and toking up afterwards and offering weed to kids, but did he deserve to get skewered and called out for that? Check the clip below. Man, Zack Morris is trash.

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