Classic Rampage Arcade Game Available to Play for Free


Rampage is out in theaters and I really have zero desire to see it. However, thanks to the hype behind the movie, the classic Rampage arcade game is available to play online for free courtesy of Warner Bros.

Debuting in 1986, Rampage was the first release starring George, Lizzie and Ralph, the abnormally freakish gorilla, dinosaur and wolf that players controlled to destroy city after city. Originally available via Bally/Midway in arcade form, it was later ported to multiple consoles in the 80s and 90s spawning several sequels and compilation titles.

Rampage was the ultimate button-masher. Brainless and savage, player could stomp on cars, eat humans, punch windows and take down buildings all while evading fire and dynamite from those trying to take down the King Kong wannabes.

Relive your childhood and play the game here. Rampage the movie is in theaters now if you must. (Shrug emoji.)