Watch the Teaser Trailer for the New ‘Peanuts’ Movie

peanuts-1Charles Schulz’s super-famous comic strip about a boy, his dog, and his grief is getting a re-do. Peanuts is loosely slated to hit theaters in November of 2015 and today, the Internet got its first glimpse at Snoopy Redux.

Is the Internet praising the return of a nostalgic former love or are we Angry Mobbing over the travesty? It’s a little too early to tell…however, this blogger thinks the CGI looks pretty damn spiffy.

To ease any potential Troll fury, Craig Schulz, Charles’ son, will produce, and his grandson, Bryan, wrote the script. Being kept in the family, it seems the franchise is in very good hands.

Here’s the first look! What do you think?

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