TLW is 9 Years Old, Which is Basically Geriatric in Internet Years

liar-liar-movie-clip-screenshot-grown-ups-lie_largeIf dog years equal seven human years, then internet years must equate to at least 12. Which would make this lil site-a-roo here like 108. TLW is old AF. It’s basically dead already. But since TLW is still very alive and kicking, I guess we’re entering zombie territory. I don’t know. I don’t know how that actually works.

What I do know is that I don’t ever see myself giving this up. I love writing. I crave movies and TV like I crave bacon and tacos and bacony tacos. I consume music by the syringe-full. When I’m at parties, I just want everyone to shut the fuck up and tell me about the last movie they loved or loathed. My hunger for quality happenings, in any medium, will never end, so maybe this site won’t either. I should probably give someone the password, though, in case an ejected airplane toilet seat shoots down from the skies and strikes me dead. You never know.

What’s to come this year? More radness. More earworms. More reviews. And hopefully if all goes according to plan – some contributing writers will climb aboard to help cover more of the entertainment you’re watching, hearing and reading.

Lastly – thanks for taking the time to read TLW and for clicking Like/Retweet/Share. It’s very nice of you to do that. I know how busy you are.
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