The Littlest Winslow Podcast is ALIVE!

TLWPodcastFor the first time in forever, you can now listen to The Littlest Winslow with our brand spankin’ new podcast!

The show will cover many of the same topics that you can find on the blog here, but with more extra goodies! Like my horrible voice, drunk rantings, and bad jokes and puns! Each episode, Maria (aka Doom) and a third guest will chat about the latest and greatest in TV, movies, music and more! We drink together, we laugh together, it’s a joyous occasion! (For us at least….but hopefully for you too!)

In our pilot episode, EmSteck joins in to discuss iZombie, our favorite new horror movies, video stores (RIP), catching bands on the rise, the upcoming Ready Player One movie and Josh Homme’s pajamas! (Thanks to my sneaky record-button-hitting maneuvers, I tricked Em into joining us. She was really only waiting for the sushi to arrive, though, because priorities.)

We plan on adding more guests, more recurring segments, more shock, more sound effects, and MORE MORE MORE in the near future! For the time being you can check us out on YouTube (embedded below). We’ll eventually get ourselves hooked into the iTunes Store, and when that happens, you’ll be the first to know. Besides me. And Maria. And maybe Em. But you’ll definitely be one of the top 5 to know maybe.

Like, subscribe, follow, comment, enjoy! And if any of you jokesters want to join a future episode, tweet us and lets talk about ALL THE THINGS!

This podcast contains spoilers for iZombie’s first season. If you are currently catching up, consider this a warning! At the 2-minute mark, skip to 10:40.