The Parlor Mob – Dogs

If any criticism dare be spoken about The Parlor Mob’s aggressive debut And You Were A Crow, it’s perhaps that the band wore its influences a little too much on its sleeve. Back with a delicious second effort, the band defies expectations and builds upon the solid foundation set by Crow. Stepping further out of their comfort zone, Dogs is a collection of cuts jam-packed with contemporary flair, harder guitars, and even a few well-polished ballads thrown into the mix.

Lead single “Into the Sun” is a rousing head-banger. Singer Mark Melicia croons “Though for now it seems this struggle has only begun / I’m still believing our day is gonna come, when we step out of the shadows and into the sun.” A loud, proud and honest effort – exactly as it should be.

“I Want To See You” is an epic arena rock track seething with a one-minute-plus jam session accentuating the talents of guitarists David Rosen and Paul Ritchie. “Take What’s Mine” is another example of what this band is capable of, an in-your-face rocker boasting a contagious energy and blistering swagger that’s sure to please.

Dogs dispels any worries that this mob might be a group of wannabes. With crows behind them and dogs at their side, there is no question that these ambitious, bright-eyed rockers may just be our next Foo Fighters or Soundgarden.

8 thoughts on “The Parlor Mob – Dogs

  1. haha yeah sorry “Unnamed” – I got a label promo copy, and surely they’ll murder / eat me alive if my copy leaks. Let me tell you this though: IT IS WORTH THE MONEY! Buy that shit!

  2. Sorry, but they are a lot more creative than Foo Fighters and Soundgarden (I’m not knocking either one of the bands though)

  3. Hey Mr Jones, maybe he was going to buy the album when it came out, and like a lot of people, just wanted to hear that shit right now. Self righteous prick.

  4. Highly disappointed in this album. It probably will not even make it on my ipod.

    /sigh such high hopes after their first two great albums ‘What about frank’ and ‘And You Were A Crow’

    • Their first album as What About Frank? was called March of the Elephants you dumb schmuk. As for the album it’s damn fine piece of musical artistry from very underrated under-appreciated underdogs.

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