Things I Like That You Should Like Too: The Kills – ‘Doing It To Death’ Video

The KillsThe Kills’ new single is out and I can’t stop/won’t stop playing it on repeat wherever I go. The garage rock/blues combo’s “Doing It To Death” serves up that incalculable cool that Alison Mosshart (also of The Dead Weather) and Jamie Hince have been boasting since 2000. Everything these guys do is effortless, redefining panache with every step they take.

Donned in all black with Mosshart’s shiny blonde locks juxtaposed against a teal sky, the duo rides through a cemetery on the hood of a car as henchmen with Henry Kane hats strut alongside like the baddies dancing it out in the Buffy musical. Even with a bit of choreography, these guys are still so boss. Because only THE KILLS can smoke a stog’ on a church alter and not give AF. (See!? Incalculable cool!)

Everything about this song works. In fact, it kicks some seriously major ass. The programmed beats in the intro lay out the perfect background and set its tone. Hince’s searing guitar cuts through the beat like a knife, building up the band’s swagger like whoa. The Kills never shy away from being raw and edgy, yet still low-key, just like those slacker, cool kids in class you were too scared to talk to in high school.

The band’s fifth studio album Ash & Ice is set to be released June 3rd.

The Kills – Doing It To Death (Official Video)

Doing It To Death (Official Video) Taken from “Ash & Ice” – the brand new album from The Kills, out June 3rd 2016.