‘Halloween,’ ‘Suspiria’ and the Dangers of Overhyping Horror


This year horror welcomes back a certain white-masked killer and also ushers in the remake of a bewitching Dario Argento classic. (What a time to be alive.) We’re on the horizon of what could be a very dynamic year for the genre. Sure, Halloween and Suspiria are making waves—and headlines—but smaller films like Hereditary and A Quiet Place are rounding out the release schedule, brewing their own media storms with star power and positive word of mouth. Thanks to the internet, there’s an absurd amount of coverage and opinion to chew on, but can this sprawling availability of news, announcements, and dare I say it—hype—detract from a movie’s eventual effect? I would argue that it does, especially in horror, a genre greatly reliant on the element of surprise. Read the rest of this post over at Bloody Disgusting