Netflix Snags Martin Scorsese for ‘SCTV’ Reunion Documentary


Credit: Cara Howe for Netflix

Next month, Jimmy Kimmel will host an SCTV cast reunion in Toronto that will form the base of an upcoming documentary directed by the legendary Martin Scorsese for Netflix.

Reuniting are Joe Flaherty, Eugene Levy, Andrea Martin, Catherine O’Hara, Martin Short and Dave Thomas. On May 13th, the comedy troupe will join in front of a live audience for An Afternoon With SCTV, and Kimmel and Scorsese will be there recording every single laugh and quip.

Scorsese interviewed the SCTV alums about their satire series that ran from 1976 to 1984 as he developed his documentary around the famed Canadian Second City sect. The show was famous for its many character-driven sketches, including Levy as comic Bobby Bittman and broadcaster Earl Camembert, John Candy as smooth-talking Johnny LaRue, Harold Ramis as game show host Moe Green, Martin as programming boss Edith Prickley, O’Hara as platinum blond singer Lola Heatherton, Dave Thomas as drama critic Bill Needles, Rick Moranis as one of the 5 Neat Guys, and Joe Flaherty as president Guy Cabellero.

Many of the original cast members transitioned to successful careers in Hollywood and beyond. Short even brought many of his SCTV characters over to Saturday Night Live, giving them new life in front of a new audience.

SCTV premiered in 1976, a year after SNL premiered in the States. It served as a satire of TV programming, taking place over a broadcast day from the studios of a low-budget TV station in the fictional town of Melonville. The series aired through 1984 and was later syndicated throughout North America.

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