Post-Punk Meets 90’s Pop in Samantha Urbani’s ‘Hints And Implications’

Samantha Urbani

Since parting ways with Brooklyn pop outfit Friends, Samantha Urbani has spent her time collaborating with artists like Blood Orange, as well as Ssion and Seth Bogart, and Nite Jewel and Zoë Kravitz. Between 2015 and now, her new solo tracks have been slowly trickling out of SoundCloud (like the fantastic “1, 2, 3, 4”, which was the best pop track that year, and “U Know, I Know”) teasing fans of what was to come from the now LA-based popstar whose breathy vocals and throwback beats bubble at the surface, just waiting to burst.

Last month, Urbani shared “Go Deeper” and announced her first official solo release, the Policies of Power EP (out 8/18 via Lucky Number/URU), but it’s the newest track, “Hints And Implications” that’s on fire. The track is deliciously retro, something caught between Janet Jackson’s early ferocity and Paula Abdul’s twirling hair flips. While it’s definitely reminiscent of early 90’s heartbreak ballads, its modern production keeps it solidly grounded in the present.

“At its core, its about the ontology of truth – whether interpersonal communication/”honesty” is even possible, considering the subjectivity of our individual reality-perception. But surface level, its really about that breaking point where you stop trying with someone when you can’t even get a motherfuckin text back,” said Urbani in a press release.

With it’s thumping post-punk bass line and snazzy key change, it’s definitely your new theme song if you’re in the process of shaking some fucker off. It’s pop music to champion.

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