REVIEW: METZ, The Outer Space, Hamden, Conn.


For better or for worse, I’ve never been an earplugs-at-concerts kind of guy, so when (not “if”) I eventually lose part of my hearing when I’m older, surely I’ll have METZ to blame/thank in part.

Canadian punks and noise rockers METZ made a lot of noise up on The Outer Space Ballroom’s stage…and I mean a lot of it, especially given the fact that the band is a trio. Guitarist/vocalist Alex Edkins, drummer Hayden Menzies and bassist Chris Slouch kickstarted the show with “The Swimmer,” a track off the band’s sophomore record II, and never looked back, barely pausing to catch a breath or wipe the sweat streaming off their brows.

The 50-minute set was modest in length, but aggressive in fervor, dipping into all three records in their repertoire. Heavily leaning on the latest release, Strange Peace, the band thrashed so hard and so fast through cuts like “Mess of Wires” and “Drained Lake” the crowd barely know what hit them. Alternating luminescent white and red lights lit up the band from behind, adding a sense of urgency and tension to the performance; their noise and physicality demanding full attention. It was fast and it was furious. Blink and you might miss it.

In between “Acetate” and “Raw Materials,” Edkins urged the crowd to get some action going front and center. It didn’t take long for the crowd to stir up a healthy mosh as METZ continued on, flailing, screaming, raging, and closing the night out with a raucous rendition of “Wet Blanket.” The band exited the stage with the last notes left in their wake, a mishmash of feedback screeching from the speakers. The audience filed out, faces smashed, eardrums buzzing, contentedly agitated. M2METZ2METZ4Metz5METZ6METZ