Perfection at its Best: Why we should all enjoy many more ‘Wet Hot American Summers’

To insinuate that there are varying degrees of perfection doesn’t make any sense at all (Welcome to The Littlest Winslow!), but dammit, Wet Hot American Summer is the best degree of perfect there ever could be. Ever.

Yesterday, EW reported that multiple WHAS alumni would be willing to return for another summer at Camp Firewood, Paul Rudd, Christopher Meloni and Elizabeth Banks included. Director David Wain and co-writer Michael Showalter have even said that they are seriously considering writing a sequel to the campy (HA!) spoof later this year, confirming, in fact, that there is a God.

Have you seen this doozy? If you haven’t, your life will forever be unfulfilled. The cast! The quotables! The comedic timing and delivery! It encompasses everything you have ever loved about 80s movies and camp movies and seamlessly combines and ridicules them in one fell swoop of glory!

My love for this film runs deep. Upon first viewing, it may be hard to get the tone or completely understand why this movie is so amazing. Alas, by conducting multiple viewings, the viewer is peeling off layer after layer of deliciousness, digging into the core subtleties that lie scattered throughout. The funny gets funnier and the little things begin to demand attention. Every ride on this magic carpet is one to write home about!

Wain and Showalter – SEQUEL ME. I’m ready and exploding with feverish delight (gross). Maybe you can pick up the story 10 years later…the gang did agree to meet back up, after allĀ  (remember – they have to make it their BEESWAX to be there by 9:30!).

The characters can all be a little bit older, but hopefully, fingers crossed, none the wiser.

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