MUSICA: I do love it. I swear.

I don’t mean for TLW to be a TV-only type of blog. It just sort of turns out that way…

I’m crazy into music, but never seem to post about it much. A few months ago, I promised to change that. But I didn’t because the Fall TV season came and took over. I’m going to make this promise again, and this time I’ll try to keep it. (And if that doesn’t work…I’ll just make it a third time and try, try again).

There are 3 bands I’d love to talk about and love for you to check out if you haven’t already. None of them are new, but I’m crazy into them all right now.

1. Pixies

Yup. I know. I’m way late to the Pixies game. Cuz..yanno…they’re not even together anymore. Props to Seltz for giving me the Greatest Hits comp and much thanks to Steph too for hooking me up with some of their albums. Pixies formed in the late 80s in Boston and ended up breaking up in 1993. They reunited briefly in ’04 and are currently hanging in hiatus.

“Doolittle” is a phenomenal album. It’s got plenty of indie sensibility while totally exemplifying alt-rock in its prime. I’ve never been able to really get into the Talking Heads and The Replacements: both were slightly before my time, but not classic enough for me to latch onto. Pixies, on the other hand, just spoke to me. From “Wave of Mutilation” (I prefer the “Slow Version” and “UK Surf Version,” myself), to “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” “Gouge Away” and “Hey”…they’re just fucking amazing.

Pixies: I salute you.

2. Social Distortion

Yet another party I came late to. I’ve been listening to Social Distortion for a couple years now, but I still can’t shake ’em. Catchy punk tunes without getting into pop territory. “Story of My Life” was heard in Guitair Hero 3. “I Was Wrong” showed up in Rock Band 2. And the Johnny Cash cover of “Ring of Fire”? A must. Check ’em out if you haven’t already, and if you dig ’em, listen to Bad Religion too. Killer stuff, man.

3. Coconut Records

Coconut Records is indie pop at its greatest. And who doesn’t love Jason Schwartzman? After leaving Phantom Planet, Schwartzman went and did movies ala Wes Anderson (Oh, and “I <3 Huckabees,” which was fantastic!) Guess he missed the music scene, because “Nighttiming” arrived in 2007 as a digital release – a solo project by Schwartzman alone (he wrote all the songs and plays a majority of instruments heard on the record).

The album is filled with catchy hooks, fun melodies, and tunes you’ll want to sing along to at the most maximum of volumes. Check out MySpace for song samples. And apparently, there’s a new album too! You can check it out / buy it here.

So there you have it! My iPod and stereo are filled with these 3 artists! What are you checkin’ out lately? What should I be checkin’ out? Holler back.

(P.S. – I also just got Blondie’s “Parallel Lines”. Trying to fill my hard drive with older stuff I should’ve had already. AND I’m still crazy into The Delta Spirit’s “Ode to Sunshine”.)