Music Monday: The Killtones

ac3f450cf22027b96b9853f80ae2ceb5bf26f533Credit where credit is due – props to Seltz for submitting this week’s Music Monday suggestion: The Killtones, a dirty rock duo who released their self-titled debut album last year.

The band consists of two homies, Josh Pilot and Clinton Vearil, who started jamming together when the two were in separate bands. Jam sessions turned into songs and songs turned into a CD. Soon, The Killtones were a four-piece live act playing shows together, but soon found themselves back to the original two who started it all (or so’s the word on the street. I can’t find much info on these guys beyond their Facebook and Twitter accounts – maybe they added a bassist since?). Instead of calling it quits, Pilot and Vearil decided to trudge on, with Pilot on guitar and Vearil on drums.

What the two have produced is straight up, rough and tumble American rock n’ roll that I can’t stop listening to. Some tracks are eccentric, messy rockers, while others infuse some groovy blues soul in between the snarls. Even their seven-minute power ballad, “Always Cryin'” boasts a killer guitar solo that breaks up the mood a bit on this short-but-sweet nine-track debut.

The Killtones didn’t have any studio stuff on YouTube, but their full-length album can be found on Spotify.

Recommended Tunes: Cut You Down, Black Moon Heartache, Been A Skeptic

3 thoughts on “Music Monday: The Killtones

  1. Awesome Review!
    We are a four piece now and our albums on itunes/cdbaby/amazon! Heres an updated list of shows! Thanks For Your Kind Words And AWESOME ASS REVIEW!!!

    May 16th- Melody Inn (Indianapolis IN)
    May 17th- Be Here Now (Munice IN)
    May 31st- Oh Hi Jam Music Festival (Oxford OH)
    June 1st- The Drinkery (Cincinnati OH)
    June 11th- TBA MICHIGAN DATE
    June 15th- Buzzbin (Canton OH)
    June 28th- Southgate House Revival (Newport KY)

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