More Summer Movie Fun: 'Land of the Lost' and 'The Hangover'

So I checked out a few more movies, which is always a good time. I think I’ve seen more movies in the past month than I have in the last 3 years! (Netflix ftw!)

Also, I apologize for lack of updates: Summer is here. Sometimes sun and/or fun sounds way more enticing than sitting here scouring the net for something to write about. It doesn’t mean I don’t love you. Or maybe it does.

There’s not too much to say here. The cast? Amazing. Ferrell, McBride, and Pushing Daisies alumna Anna Friel were all great in their respective roles. The plot? The plot was only so-so. Highly CGI’d, highly kid-friendly. And maybe that’s where they went wrong.

The original Sid and Marty Krofft production was campy, cheesy, and out there. This was a little too mainstream for me. I suppose “make it more stoner-y” isn’t too enticing for a major studio that is gambling a 100 million budget (100 million? Really!?). It’s sort of a shame that this movie wasn’t better. If you’ve read any reviews around the web, I hate to say it but most of them are spot on.

Survey Says: With all that said, I did still find some enjoyment in watching it, but if you have any sort of yearning to see this one, wait for DVD. Netflix got yo’ back, son. And oh yeah – see Drag Me To Hell instead.

I’d like to start off our “Hangover” section of this blog posting with a “FUCK YES.” Best comedy I’ve seen in a long, long time. Old School director Todd Phillips? Check. Funny story about drunken debauchery? Check. Zach I-can-never-spell-his-last-name-without-looking-it-up Galifianakis? Check.

Where to even start? Bradley Cooper. So hot right now. Ed Helms and a little love from The Office. Goddammit, there’s just so much good happening in this movie! It’s about time the world started LOVING Zachy G – they’re about 5 years behind schedule on that.(Note: add Zach’s “Live At the Purple Onion” to your queue. Do it now.)

The movie suffered a little from the overly-extended trailer, but even given that fact, there was still plenty of surprises, plenty to laugh at, and the outrageous scenes found in said trailer were extended and even better in context of the entire film. I know reviews kind of beat this one up a bit, claiming that the trip to Vegas/induced hangover thing was over done and stale, but they can go screw. I can’t remember laughing this much at the theater since the Reno 911 movie.

Survey Says: Two thumbs way, way up. Go. See. This. Movie. Then go see Drag Me To Hell.

It appears my journalistic education has gone down the drain – I saw both of these movies on their opening weekend. You probably would’ve cared so much more like, weeks ago. Oops. I’ll be more timely in the future.

NEXT UP: Transformers 2. Yessssssss.