Fish Tanking for Pros: Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario fish tank
Today in EXPERT FISH TANKING, this Super Mario Bros. themed fish tank!

If I worked in TV, I would definitely pitch this as a Reality show. I mean, if Hoarders exists and My Strange Addiction and My Cat from Hell, clearly Extreme Tanking could also fit the bill for some shitty cable network, right? And think of the many other creative worlds that can all be explored through the modern day art of fish tanking! (A Westeros theme, anyone? Make it happen, Internet!)

I bet the fish that inhabit this tank probably have a great little fishy life, swimming in and out of the castle’s windows and playing Hide & Seek in the warp pipes. What a little tropical paradise.

Or…maybe their original tropical paradise is a better example of a tropical paradise. Everybody cares about cats and dogs, but where are the people that care about FISH RIGHTS, man?

I gotta go.

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    1. You are my new editor.

    2. Dozens and dozens of Tanked fans are going to be so upset with me!

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