Lorde Dances Her Way Through Disclosure’s ‘Magnets’ Video



Welcome to the music industry, Lorde! Sure, she’s not really a newbie, but now that she’s 18, it seemed about time that she got groped in a music video, which is sort of like a Rite of Passage among pop stars nowadays.

Cheekiness aside, this video is pretty radical and the song is even better. Taken off Disclosure’s recently released second album, Caracal, the video for “Magnets” features Lorde engaging in an illicit affair with an older man before she goes all Fatal Attraction on him. (She’s smokin’ hot in this video, though. She’s 18, so I can say that now, right? This just sounds creepy now. Let’s move on. I definitely wouldn’t want to fuck with Lorde though. Her eyes look like they can curse me, but then after cursing me, she’ll just kill me anyways for the sheer sport of it all. So yeah. Definitely don’t screw this gal over).

The chorus and beat for this track accompany Lorde’s vibe and voice perfectly. Around the two-minute mark, she starts dancing, shaking and seizing like a Batman villain, but again, she’s hot and it’s dope. Check out the video below and pick up (or stream) Caracal.