KT Tunstall is NOT 'lesbian music'…

…as one of my friends (who shall remain nameless) likes to call her. She is Drastic and Fantastic.

In most cases, radio play helps commercial artists be just that…commercial. In a lot of ways, I feel radio play has simply hurt Tunstall. Well, that and American Idol. Anyone not putting KT in the likes of Fiona Apple and Liz Phair are simply fucking STUPID. Quote me on that.

In fact, I think “Black Horse” and “Suddenly I See” are two of her less-than-brilliant songs. Music listeners far and wide should not judge her based on those tracks, because I am here to tell you that she is simply magnificent. Insert a hot picture of her being way awesome:

I just got back from yet another amazing live performance by the stunning Scot in Bridgeport, CT and man, my hat is off to her. Despite a crowd that friggin’ defibrillators couldn’t even spark life out of, Tunstall remained energetic and really worked to win over the geriatrics seated in the Klein Auditorum (which she did!). The way-lame crowd sat (boo!) and stared while Tunstall churned out epic performances, one after another to the joy of myself and a few other brave souls willing to stand and dance in the far left and right aisles.

She kicked off the set with “Little Favours,” which immediately pulled me in, seeing as the last time I saw her, “Drastic Fantastic” was not released. Every song from “Drastic” was included in the set except for “Paper Aeroplane” and “White Bird” (two good choices to leave out, if you ask me). In addition: she played most of her debut album and added a personal fave (that I was waiting for!): “Ashes” from the “Acoustic Extravaganza”. Her set left nothing to be desired, except for the sensational “Universe and U,” which was sadly left out this time. Devastating!

I can’t complain though. Tunstall and her band were spot on, zipping through song after song with perfection, brilliance, and energy to boot. “Suddenly I See” got the crowd to its feet being the last song before the encore. The crowd remained upright while Tunstall and Co. played “Stoppin’ the Love” and “I Don’t Want You Now” to finish ‘er off. (“I Don’t Want You Now” sounded amazing and was a great show-ender.)

Other set highlights: “Beauty of Uncertainty” and “Saving My Face” from “Drastic”.

Honestly, KT Tunstall is one highly underrated singer-songwriter of our time. Forget the tunes that play on the radio. Forget how America wants to market her. Check out a live performance ASAP, or listen to one of her albums in full.

You won’t be sorry.

P.S. HUGE shoutout / thank you to Hitman Hank for hooking me up with a ticket to the show (and Orchestra, at that!) And also, a thank you to Maria / DoomCake for hooking me up with Hank!

P.P.S. I highly HIGHLY regret not bringing my camera to this show (STUPIDDDDD!). If anyone has any pics from the Bridgeport show that they’d be willing to share…leave me a comment? I’d be uber grateful!