Happening Sh*t – May 24, 2013 – Anchorman 2, Dazed and Confused 2, and Dexter’s Final Showdown

Anchorman 2 Trailer Brings the Funny

If there is anything as hyped up as that new Arrested Development season, it’s quite possibly Anchorman 2. Do we have any reason to believe that Will Ferrell and director Adam McKay will let us down? Not really. And Paul Rudd, Steve Carell, and Rob Corddry make a fantastic team of sidekicks. I was leery at first when they announced this, but new footage of the Channel 4 News Team leaves me yearning for another bottle of Sex Panther.


Please, God No: A Dazed and Confused Sequel!?



Director Richard Linklater hopes to shoot a college-set Dazed and Confused sequel this fall. WHY WOULD ANYONE EVER DO THIS? Because sequels to cult-classics rake in Blockbuster numbers? (Tell that to Boondock Saints 2: All Saints Day) Linklater has the financing mostly on lock, but he’s still searching for a distributor. With a now-college-aged group of slackers, will high school girls still be the same age? I shudder to think.

(Paste Magazine)


Dexter‘s End Teased in New Trailer

Huge spoiler warning: If you haven’t seen Season 7 of Dexter – do not watch this trailer! What happens in the aftermath (and bloodbath) from last season’s shocking finale is discussed and teased in this trailer, and holy shit – it looks epic. Overall, Dexter has been a great ride. Sure, Julia Stiles tried to ruin it once (Season 5), and yes, Season 6 wasn’t so strong either. But Season 7 really brought the show back as the end game started getting fleshed out and Deb started getting more involved in the game-changing plot. There’s no question – this show will go out with a bang. Or a stab wound. Or a dead guy. I don’t know – think of something punchy. Pretend I wrote it.

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  1. “Dazed and Confused” is one of the greatest movies of ALL TIME but despite starring a million actors who went on to become huge superstars (Ben Affleck, Matthew McConaghey), it was hardly a “Blockbuster.”

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