Foo Fighters Premiere New Single – Hear ‘Something From Nothing’



If you’ve turned on your computer in the last year or so, you’ve heard all about the upcoming Foo Fighters album (Sonic Highways, out Nov. 11), the upcoming HBO show (same name, starts tomorrow at 11 p.m.), the Foo’s week-long residency on Letterman, and their headlining cover band gigs under the name The Holy Shits. It’s been a magical, splendid Foo-kin’ time to be a Foo fan.

If you’d like an extra helping of Foo to go along with this Foo-Fightery goodness, there’s plenty more Foo where that came from! The band just dropped their lead single for the upcoming album and it. is. AWESOME. The track starts as a slower, radio tune, but gradually crescendos into one behemoth of a rock track that explodes all over your face (that’s what she said). The ebs and flows wash over you before you can even notice how different the track really is. The pacing, the sounds, the guitar effects and more blend together offering quite a departure from the usual Foo fare, and it’s so welcomed and so badass and I AM EXCITED.

It’s worth noting that the album’s eight tracks were recorded in eight different cities that have all staked a claim in music history somehow. This entire album should be a departure from the classic Foo Fighters sound, as the studios’ histories and key guest players all stepped in to help shape what Sonic Highways ended up becoming.

Watch the show tomorrow. Buy the album in November. But listen to “Something From Nothing” now:



Sonic Highways Tracklist:
01. Something From Nothing
02. The Feast and The Famine
03. Congregation
04. What Did I Do?/God As My Witness
05. Outside
06. In The Clear
07. Subterranean
08. I Am A River