Dave Grohl Continues Being Amazing, Helps Terminal Cancer Patient Fulfill Wish

Dave Grohl’s publicist must love him. Just when you think Grohl can’t get any cooler or nicer, especially among a sea of asshole rock stars in the world, he keeps being amazing.

Foo Fighters fan Ken Powell has been battling melanoma cancer for 14 years now. In 2009, he was classified as Stage 4 and terminal. He’s undergone two brain surgeries, and more radiation and trial treatments than any individual should have to endure, yet his prognosis is still terminal. He’s attempting to finish a bucket list that includes meeting the lead singer of his favorite band.

Powell almost got his wish when the Foos last toured Australia, but a round of food poisoning led Grohl to cancel all scheduled meet and greets.

But then luck intervened.

On the band’s flight back home, a flight attendant who knew of Powell’s goal shared his story with the band, which led to this exchange:



Grohl has now offered Powell the chance to meet the band, VIP tickets included, at the band’s next Los Angeles performance (among a bunch of Foo schwag and autographs, too!)

Powell’s daughter has set up a Facebook Page for her dad and is currently running a Go Fund Me page in order to find his trip to LA. Do him a solid and help him out! Additional funds raised are going toward melanoma research at the Melanoma Institute of Australia. Donating to the cause can help this dying man achieve his musical dream…and nothing fuels positivity and hope than the gift of music. (That sounds mad cheesy, but it’s true, dammit.)

Good stuff, Grohl. Good stuff.