Alcoholic Vapor? Check Out London’s Breathable Cocktail Bar


Photo: Ann Charlott Ommedal

Alcoholic vapor is all the rage now. A bar in London now allows its patrons to get drunk just by breathing (which sounds like it should be the handiwork of some lazy Americans, but I digress…).

London’s Alcoholic Architecture pumps a vapor mix of gin (alcohol, water and aromatic molecules from botanicals like juniper) and quinine (the bitter part of tonic water) into the air. Patrons are encouraged to breathe deeply, drawing in the sweet, smoky taste of the infused gin. Breathing in the bar’s “air” for one hour is equivalent to slurping down one very strong drink.

Alcoholic Architecture is located in a Victorian building that stands next to a cathedral that formerly housed alcohol-imbibing monks. The bar has been described as “neon Miami meets monastery,” by owner Sam Bompas, and that’s pretty much exactly what it looks like.

Customers must don a plastic poncho before entering the misting chamber, which is set at 140 percent humidity, with booze droplets creating a dense fog around the crowd. Says Bompas: “It’s a little like a masquerade. It’s also great for hooking up.” Um…okaaaaaay, but “touch me under my pancho” doesn’t sound like the best pickup line in the world…

If you’re ever in the London area and simply cannot wait for your alcohol to reach your bloodstream through proper channels, then Alcoholic Architecture just might be for you!