Oscar Round-Up 2011: The good, the bad and the ugly

Awards season is finally over. The 83rd Annual Academy Awards ended with major victories for The King’s Speech, the renowned Dark Knight and everybody’s favorite (pregnant) ballerina. Major recaps will be available eveeeeeryyyywhereee, so here are just a few tidbits of Oscar goodness, courtesy of The Winz.

-Because I don’t care about the fashion, dresses and the word “fabulous”, I thought the red carpet was pretty lame. I always thought they added a superficial sense to the ceremony. Tim Gunn sounded like such a DOUCHER. A fake, faaaakeeee doucher. So, thank God for DVR, even though I probably should’ve just skipped the entire thing. The red carpet really reminds me of this clip:

-Ever since Rachel Getting Married and The Devil Wears Prada, Anne Hathaway has really won me over.  She did a fantastic job last night (especially hitting those high notes!), planting her firmly in the center of the Academy’s realm. I expect we’ll continue seeing big things from her in the very near future. Franco was (not as) good, but was he also high? Hell, more props to him if he was.

-Overall, with no real upsets the show was a little boring. It’s been a very predictable season this year, however, I’m glad Aaron Sorkin won for Best Adapted Screenplay, and I’m glad Natalie Portman won for Best Actress, obviously. And CHRISTIAN. BALE. It’s about time.

Melissa Leo is a crack addict. Settle down, Beavis. The promo pics she released were borderline crazy, and dropping an F-bomb? I mean, OK. Despite her eccentricities, she 100% deserved it for her performance in The Fighter.

-My office smells like mold. Am I going to get cancer?

-I fast-forwarded through Billy Crystal. I felt bad about it, but I wasn’t amused really.The standing ‘O’ was nice, though. Props where props are due.

Helen Mirren is the shit. Russell Brand is not as awesome. Sandra Bullock was pretty charming as well.

-The music performances were another aspect I could’ve done without.  Go home, Mandy Moore. And while Randy Newman was singing I could only think of was the Family Guy spoof where they have him singing the theme song for a show called The Littlest Bunny. (Oh, Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. How I miss you.)

Trent Reznor. Oscar Award Winner. Who knew?

And I still have zero desire to see The King’s Speech. It’s mostly because I hate Helena Bonham Carter’s face.

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  1. Helen Mirren is the shit and she was in my one of my fave designers Vivienne Westwood, she’s got style, class and truly a cut above the rest in the acting world.
    Good blog, I like it always.

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