New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Shows Off New Courses and Items

2496066-mariokart8_1920_040114The Internet’s latest and greatest trailer isn’t for the next superhero movie or cult fan-fave revived from the dead: It’s for a red-donning plumber with some sweet overalls. Mario Kart 8 is (almost) upon us.

The trailer shows off some new courses and some returning faves (RAINBOW ROAD), some bright, vivid color schemes (RAINBOW ROAD), and some of the best graphics Nintendo has probably ever created in its entire existence (RAINBOW ROAD).

There’s also a sneak peek at not one, but two Rainbow Road courses. One is entirely new and the other is a revival of the Nintendo 64 road that made rainbows all the rage in the first place.


I can’t wait to play this game when my friend Aaron buys it (he won’t). He said he was totally going to buy a WiiU, specifically for Mario Kart 8 (he didn’t), and that when he did, I could come play it.  We are going to have the best time probably.

Check out the trailer and see the beautius magic for yourselves:

Mario Kart 8 arrives in stores on May 30, and I bet the dozens and dozens of people who own a WiiU are going to love it.

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