HOLY SHIT: A New ‘X-Files’ Trailer!

x-files premiere ahhI won’t lie – I was never in from the start with The X-Files like I was with Buffy (March 10, 1997, holla!) Even though I caught up way after the fact, my Mulder-Scully-shipping heart still belongs with Chris Carter, Gillian Anderson, and Mr. David Fucking Duchovny. And as we all know – the show is coming back for a 6-episode stint in 2016, and this GIVES ME A REASON TO LIVE.

Here’s what we know:

The show will return to FOX January 26th after some stupid football game that will probably delay Mulder and Scully from getting back inside me.

In addition to Gillian and David, Mitch Pileggi will also return as Walter Skinner, Annabeth Gish is back as Monica Reyes, and William B. Davis is back as THE CIGARETTE SMOKING MAN, ZOMG!!! AHHH!! If that wasn’t amazing enough – The Lone Gunmen are back, too (just don’t ask me how…)!

Life is worth living. This, again, confirmed by said X-Files return.

Oh, and Joel McHale will be there, too! Good on ya, Joel!

A new trailer was released for the event series and it makes me super happy in my heart of hearts, and also in my pants. In the trailer, you see Mulder calling Scully! And there’s paranoia! And messages written on car windows! AND EXPLOSIONS!

Oh, just watch the damn thing and swoon already: