Kung Fury! Watch David Hasslehoff Ride a Dinosaur in the Video for ‘True Survivor’

Kung Fury FilmDo you like 80’s music, dinosaurs, cheesy stunts, explosions, and kung fu fighting? (I know – stupid question!) Then this video is for you!

David Hasslehoff sings and stars in this video for “True Survivor” – the lead track from the upcoming film Kung Furya Kickstarter project that was recently funded. You should definitely follow the link and watch the trailer because it looks like it’s going to be fucking amazeballs, but let’s not get distracted here:


The sick, sad part of this whole thing is that the song probably would’ve charted had it actually been released in the 80’s – and unironically, too! How far we’ve come.

In addition, this video is also chock full of silly one-liners, a keytar with lightning exploding out of it, graphics a la the original Tron, an arcade game robot, and lots of explosions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this video. Perfection has been achieved.

Don’t forget to check out the Kung Fury Kickstarter Page. The film is already funded, but you can view the trailer, which is a mash-up of 80’s cop movies, kung-fu epics and action comedies. Plus, there’s time travel.

This video is most likely breaking the Internet as I type, and I’d much rather watch 80’s thugs battle The Hoff than see Kim Kardashian’s ass any day.


The Kung Fury film has been released and you can watch it below! (Guess I know how to spend my Friday night!) Follow David Sandberg, the film’s writer and creator, on Twitter, and Like it on Facebook, too!


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