Yet another problem I have with Heroes

I’m halfway through Episode 4 of Heroes aka this week’s episode. So far, this has been the best episode for Season 3 yet (…except for the disappearance of ELLEEEE). Anyways, I beg to ask one further question.

Where we left off: treading water (show not going anywhere) and no one ever dying. Two problems. My third? Pretty soon, every Hero will be able to do everything. Sylar stole powers. Peter absorbs them. Mohinder injects them. In the end: THEY ALL CAN DO EVERYTHING. Clearly this can’t and shouldn’t happen, but it looks like its heading in this direction.

Enough with the Heroes circle jerk, guys. Something needs to happen that has serious, believeable, and realistic consequences or else…it all seems moot.

Ok, I’ve been hatin’. But I will say/reiterate that this season is DEFINITELY world’s better than Season 2. I’m still in it to win it.

Your thoughts?