Today in YAAAS: New Beck, New Site Design!

beckIf you’ve visited TLW in the last couple weeks, you may have noticed that things have changed ’round these parts. It’s been a super long time coming, but the redesign is now officially COMPLETED! The new layout has responsive design (it’ll look all sorts of fancy on your smartphones and tablets and make for an easy read), featured posts, an easy-to-use social menu (Follow TLW on Twitter, Facebook, and Insta, plz!) and a horizontal nav which should hopefully speed things up if you’re searching for specific categories or content. After nearly 8 years of a similar look and function, I’m really digging this 3.0 version, and hopefully you are too! Thanks to everyone for the continued support – please share the page with your pop culture and bacon loving friends! HIGH-FIVE – YOU’RE GREAT…REALLY!

Special shoutout to Josh for helping me out with a ton of random things that my non-designer brain couldn’t handle! He’s got a blog that’s a blend of technology, business, music and pop culture, and you can check it out here! Thanks again, Josh!

Now onto more yaaaas: the new Beck single! Everyone say goodbye to sleepyBeck, and welcome back the groovyBeck we’ve all been waiting for! His first new track since 2014’s Grammy winning Morning Phase, “Dreams” has been confirmed to be the first track from a new upcoming album. In an interview with Alt 98.7 in Los Angeles, Beck said: “It started out as a heavy garage rock thing and became much more of a dance — some kind of hybrid.”

It’s not that I hated sleepyBeck’s last album, but I think it’s safe to say that the universe prefers groovy-funky-dancey-happyBeck far more. This track is a solid return to his more energetic styles, but that said, you’ve got to respect the man’s ability to shapeshift and genre-bend.

There’s no album title or release date as of yet, but listen to the song here:


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