Believing is Seeing: ‘The X-Files’ is Officially Coming Back

x-filesAmidst rumors earlier this year about a possible X-Files return, first by Fox and later by series creator Chris Carter, the series revival is finally a go! (Breathe, X-Philes, breathe!) Fox announced today that the show will be coming back for a six-episode “event series,” with Chris Carter, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson all on board!

Though I’m not sure I indentify with the whole ‘Phile’ monicker…this is cause for celebration!!!!!!!! Look at all those !!!’s! While the Internet continues to trash the second film of the series, I Want to Believe, I’m still rather butthurt from Seasons 7 and 8. With a new mini-series revolving around Mulder and Scully, hopefully we can finally lay our emotional scars to rest. (And Chris: Please, no Doggett and Reyes.)

The original series aired 202 (!) episodes on Fox from 1993 to 2002 and was a pioneer in Cult/Sci-fi television that is still insanely talked about to this day. Perhaps a successful run could lead to a third movie? (Damn, I’m greedy.)

We wanted to believe…and it worked.

There is no air date as of yet.


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