Weird Al is a God, Helps Prove Sports are Stupid

weird al sportsIn what can sort of be viewed as a non-musical sequel to his “Sports Song,” Weird Al took a starring role in a new parody video posted by The Kicker, a new comedy site launched by Saturday Night Live writer Bryan Tucker. Sure the site is a sports-comedy site and probably doesn’t share my opinion on sports being stupid, but hey – this video is so spot on that it’s almost undeniable.

At least in terms of postgame press conferences. In the new clip (aptly titled “Every Postgame Press Conference”), Weird Al plays the head coach of the fictional “City Animals,” taking a seat behind the microphone and rattling off every sports cliche in the history of time. “Attractive female sideline reporter” and “Sad reporter, sports section, local paper” also make cameos! There’s a whole lot of good here, so click Play and watch Grizzled Coach, Star Player and Bench Player fumble the REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS tossed their way.

Because sports.

Even though you might disagree with my opinion on the “almighty” pigskin, let’s just agree that Weird Al is a God instead. There. We’re friends again and everything is going to be OK.

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