Trailer Park: ‘Get Out,’ Jordan Peele’s Racially Charged New Horror Film

Get Out
Jordan Peele (RIP, Key & Peele) has a new horror movie hitting theaters in February that he not only wrote, but also directed. The horror-thriller, entitled Get Out, follows a black guy, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), as he travels upstate with his white girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to meet the parents. After being profiled and harassed by a racists cop, Chris’ run-in with the ‘rents gets straight up weird.

Rose’s parents live in a mostly white suburb, with a very robotic, Stepford Wives vibe to it. There’s hypnotism involved, and ghosts (maybe?), and a history of black employees and residents who are reported to have disappeared, and what the hell kind of trailer did I just watch!? Is Chris NEXT!? Well, shit.

The trailer looks promising, with Bradley Whitford (Cabin in the Woods) and Catherine Keener (KEENER, YOU GUYS) playing Rose’s Maw and Paw. Get Out is also a Blumhouse Productions release, which is best known for movies like InsidiousThe Visit and Sinister, which all had a low-budget, and still kicked ass, mostly. This movie looks like it has a fresh story to tell, a reputable director, cast and production company behind it, and a very socially conscious and time-sensitive plot. Sounds like an ideal combo.

Check out the trailer below:

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