Trailer for New Mindy Kaling Project Lamely Titled: ‘The Mindy Project’

So hopefully they change that title, but dammit, everyone knows I’m in love with the mind of Mindy. Sure, The Office totally blows now (making the jump to her own series: a GOOD MOVE), and yes, this trailer for her upcoming FOX pilot (NBC passed on it) is rather girly and flirty, in a Bridget Jones sort of way, but I’m already sold.

Kaling has great comedic timing with the ridiculocities (I made up a new word. Does that work?) that fly out of her mouth. She’s whimsical and cheery and enjoyable. I mean…it’s gotta be better than New Girl, right (UGH)?

Check out the trailer below. The Mindy Project debuts on FOX this Fall.

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