‘Tom Jones’: Banging Chicks and Being a Douchebag, 1700s Style

51CEFQZVKZLThe Best Picture winner of 1963 was this British Adventure Comedy set in the 1700s called Tom Jones. It follows the life of the title character, a bastard in both the literal and slang sense. He’s a rambunctious little bugger who runs around getting laid, causing a raucous, and embarrassing his foster-father, Squire Allworthy.

Tom falls in love with Sophie and she’s a proper lady who has a dad who’s all stuffy and junk, so he tries his best to make sure a more suitable companion marries his daughter instead. That suitor is Squire Allworthy’s sister’s son, Blifil, who then tries (and succeeds) in getting his competition, Tom, expelled from their town or village or whatever. But there’s a secret to Tom’s heritage that only Blifil knows after intercepting a letter written by his dying mother to Allworthy, and this secret could change Tom’s life forever.


This all sounds so dramatic in text, but Tom Jones was enjoyable, lighthearted and fun, especially for its time. Albert Finney rocked the lead role, coyly breaking the fourth wall to wink at the audience from time to time. I mean…who did that in 1963!? No one, my friends. Props.

The movie even started with a silent film sequence setting up Tom’s abandonment and adoption by Squire Allworthy in a classic British-silent-picture sort of way. A lot of the comedy and style of this Best Pic were totally ahead of its time and that’s something to appreciate as a modern-day viewer. (Shoutout to director Tony Richardson – well done, I say! I’m sure he really needs my validation. Oh bummer, he died in 1991. This shoutout just turned into an homage. This is a really long aside.)

In sum, man-whores existed even way back in the 1700s. And even though I claim ol’ Tommy was a douchebag, he was a loveable douchebag…kind of like a modern day Hank Moody from Californication. Is that show on yet? Doesn’t it start soon? Someone remind me.

Tom Jones brought my Epic Film Quest tally down to 31…but wait a sec…it’s actually 30! Because I watched another one before I even wrote this post! Almost under 30, kids.. I really liked this one and give it a solid B+…and there’s another great, great flick to follow!

I should write more and be more speedy.

5 thoughts on “‘Tom Jones’: Banging Chicks and Being a Douchebag, 1700s Style

  1. Yey! A new post. And nice to know that there will be another one soon. I just saw that you did respond after my comment I left after Can’t Take It With You and asked recomendations. Well if I had seen it this one would probably have been among the recomendations, so glad you liked it! It is not perfect but different for a Oscar movie and entertaining.

    If you like more to watch I think the Deer Hunter and Amadeus would be good for you. Just do not accidentaly watch the Directors cut of Amadeus, like I did, with those extra 20 minutes it will be too long. And the musicals are always entertaining and different from the usual. But is hard to tell what people like in the end.

    But whatever you do not watch the Great Ziegfeld or the English Patient for a while, otherwise you do not update for a long time.

  2. I have taken Deer Hunter out from my library like 8 times and I kept having to return it unwatched. It’s definitely on tap SOON!

    I really liked how Tom Jones kind of felt contemporary in a way. It wasn’t stuffy at all, and I loved the light feel to it.

    I WILL finish this movie quest! It’s going to happen (even if it takes me a while!)

    Thanks for all of your comments. Are you on Twitter or Facebook? We should connect if you are! My info is on the main page.

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