TLW Hits the Road: A Trip to the ‘From Here to Eternity’ Beach

Readers, friends, foes, and followers: Apologies for the radio silence! I was conquering the island of Oahu on a two week excursion of awesomeness. I jumped out of a plane, surfed Waikiki, hiked up a volcano and as a result, sadly neglected this ol’ blog here. However, The Winslow was in my thoughts as we took a side quest to Halona Cove – the filming location of the 1953 Best Picture winner From Here to EternityEpic Film Quest shoutout!

While driving down the eastern coast of Oahu, we stopped by the Halona Blowhole specifically to check out the Cove and see the very spot where Burt Lancaster and Deborah Kerr made out in the then-controversial “sex scene”. (I asked the wifee to roll around in the sand with me while a stranger filmed it, but she understandably declined). Surely, you remember the scene to which I’m referring:

How steamy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve tackled another film on my quest to watch every single Best Picture winner ever. (I am a slacker and procrastinator, but shit gets busy when you’re gettin’ hitched.) Now that I’m back from Hawaii, I’ve got a renewed sense of determination and motivation, and do plan on finishing my quest…even if it takes me an eternity, dammit! ONWARD!

Here a few pics and a vid I took at the scene. I promise to never abandon you ever again. Or at least not until I get married again. (That was a joke)





















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